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Monroe's 10 Things You Need to Know

Monroe's 10 Things You Need to Know

Monroe's 10 Things You Need to Know



55 South Pontiac Dr.

Janesville, WI 53545
   Main Office: 743-6900 / Attendance: 743-6900 / Fax: 743-6937

School Mascot: Mustang


  In our safe and respectful community, we celebrate each growing mind, body, and heart through active learning.


10 Things You Need to Know Section
A. Daily Schedule 1
B. Student Drop-off / Pick-up Procedures 2
C. District Calendar 2018/2019 3
D. Staff Directory 4
E. Absences / Homework Information 5
F. Community Connections & Family Resource Centers 6
G. Emergency Drills/Evacuation Location 7
H. Lost & Found 8
I. Student Illness/Injury/Dismissals 9
J. Visitors / Volunteers (including lunch and classroom visits) 10




Outdoor supervision 8:00am
First Bell 8:15 am
Instruction Begins; Students are in class 8:20 am
School is Dismissed 3:08 pm


Our school now qualifies for free breakfast for all students under the Community Eligibility Provision. This means that all students will be able to participate in our breakfast at no cost.  We will be taking part in the "Breakfast After the Bell" program. This insures that every student is offered a breakfast after the school day begins. This will also replace the daily snack and milk break, so you no longer need to supply a snack or send money for snack milk. Due to these changes, we will no longer have a "Breakfast Club" before school.

The daily lunch menu is published in the Janesville Gazette, and sent home with each student.

The instructional day for children in grades K-5 is from 8:15 – 3:08 with a 30-minute LUNCH/recess and a 15-minute recess in the daily schedule.

Messages During the School Day

We get many requests to give children messages during the school day. With each message request, we  are interrupting your child's entire classroom. Please do our best to have an after school plan in place. however, we do understand at times there re emergencies and are happy to assist. Please help us by keeping message requests to am minimum.


Parent Information for Dropping-off / Picking-up Children at School:


Children should not arrive at the school grounds before 8:00am. On rainy or cold days children will be permitted to come inside at 8:00 am, but they remain outside their respective  entrances if the weather is fair. Students should enter the building at their grade levels assigned door rather than the front entrance.

Playground supervision will begin at 8:00 am.  Students should not arrive at school before then.

We do ask all drivers to observe the following guidelines.

  • When ever students are present, the maximum speed limit on school grounds is 5 Miles Per Hour.
  • Do car pool - this will help reduce the quantity of cars in the front and rear of the School.
  • Do teach your children to cross the street only at the crosswalks.
  • Do drive carefully when approaching a crosswalk. If the crosswalk has safety patrols, they cannot go into the street to direct traffic.
  • Do observe the one-way signs when entering and exiting the two parking lots.
  • Do not park in the crosswalk at any time.
  • Do not double park or pick up a child in the passing lane of the driveway
  • Do remember to Stop - Drop / Pick-Up - Go
  • Do not park in the drive and leave your vehicle. Use the parking stalls or park in the street.

Dropping Off Children

  • Do drop off all children in a car at one spot rather than two or three different ones
  • Do keep the flow of traffic moving by pulling up as far as you can to drop off students
  • Do not park between the bus/van signs. These are for handicapped students

All Janesville residents are required by law to follow these and other Janesville City Ordinances:

  • 6.04.110 Pets are prohibited on leash or not
  • 10.32.030 Obedience to crossing guards - violation with penalty
  • 10.36.010 Prohibited acts: It is unlawful to block hinder or retard any street traffic, whether it is vehicular or otherwise including by receiving or discharging passengers from a vehicle in a lane designated for the movement of traffic.
  • 10.40.025 No parking, stopping or standing contrary to official traffic or parking sign or marker - No Exceptions.
  • 10.40.140 Vehicle left with motor running is prohibited.


All parents and students who park on the West Side of Pontiac Drive should use the center crosswalk to cross Pontiac Drive at all times. This is a safety precaution that everyone should respect at all times. There is an adult crossing guard posted at Pontiac Drive in front of the school that is provided by the city.


If a student is to be excused before the end of the school day for doctor or dentist appointments, a note from the parent must be written to the child’s teacher. A yellow “passport” will be issued and is to be signed by the doctor/dentist and returned when the child returns to school. Students will not be allowed to leave the school grounds without written permission by a parent.


If a parent is to be detained from picking a child up at dismissal time, the office should be notified so the child is not left standing outside the doors or at the curb. (The office is open from 7:30 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.) Late pickups should be rare. If late pick ups become frequent, Washington staff will work with the family to address the issue.


Parking is allowed as stated on the signs posted on the streets surrounding the school. The city of Janesville and the Police Department will enforce parking regulations as stated on the signe.

Bike and Skateboard Riding

Children who bring bicycles to school do so at their own risk.The school does not provide special supervision for the bike rack and will not be responsible for bikes that are damaged or stolen.

Bikes are to be parked and locked (students need to provide their own bike lock) in the bike racks provided.Although our safety patrol provides some supervision, bikes are the responsibility of their owners. Bikes and skateboards are not to be ridden on school grounds. Once a student enters Wilson property, they must walk their bike or carry their skateboards on school ground's. We ask that skateboards, roller blades, shoes with wheels, and scooters be brought to the office.



2018-2019 School Year Calendar

Event Date Day of the Week
Teacher Work Days  August 27-29  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Teacher Work Day/Elementary Open House August 30    Thursday
Optional Teacher Work Day   August 31 Friday
Labor Day September 3 Monday (NO SCHOOL)
Student First Day of School  September 4 Tuesday
Teacher Staff Development Day  October 24 Wednesday (NO SCHOOL)
Conferences – All Grade Levels October 24  Wed., 4 – 8pm (ES) or 4-7 (MS&HS)
  October 25 Thursday, 8am – 7pm (NO SCHOOL)
Teacher Non-Work Day October 26 Friday
Middle/High School only - End of First Quarter November 2 Friday
Optional Teacher Work Day November 21 Wednesday (NO SCHOOL)
Thanksgiving Break  November 22-23 Thursday, Friday (NO SCHOOL)
Elementary only -End of First Trimester      November 27 Tuesday 
Winter Break Begins December 24 Monday (NO SCHOOL)
School Resumes January 2, 2018 Wednesday
Middle/High School only - End of Semester January 17, 2018 Thursday   
Middle & High School Only – Teacher work day January 18, 2018 Friday
Teacher Work Day - No School MS/HS January 19  Friday
MLK Day January 21 Monday  (No School)
Elementary only - End of 2nd trimester February 28 Thursday   
Elementary only - teacher work day March 1 Friday (no school ES only)
Teacher Staff Development Day March 6 Wednesday (NO SCHOOL) 
Conferences – All Grade Levels   March 6-7        Wed., 4 – 8pm (ES) or 4-7 (MS&HS)
Teacher Non-Work Day March 8  Friday (NO SCHOOL)
Professional Development /Work Day March 29 Friday (No School)
Middle/High School End of 3rd QRT March 29 Friday
Spring Break Begins April 15 Monday (NO SCHOOL)
Staff Professional Development April 22 Monday (NO SCHOOL) 
School Resumes for Students April 23  Tuesday
Snow Reserve Day May 24 Friday
Memorial Day May 27  Monday
School Ends for Students June 11 Tuesday
Teacher Work Day / Snow Reserve Day June 12 Wednesday

Snow Reserve Day: Two inclement weather days for students are built into the district calendar. If school is closed for inclement weather more than two days in the school year, the third and beyond inclement weather days will be made up on the closest Snow Reserve Day after the inclement weather day that is not already being used for make-up time (Friday, May 24; Wednesday, June 12). If one or more of these days are not needed to be used to make-up time they will be days off for students.

Optional Teacher Work Days: Teachers will work 1 of the 2 Optional Work Days (Aug. 31 or Nov. 21)




Staff Directory     

Area of the Building Name Direct Phone Number
Office   Area Code (608)
  Principal: Sally Pope 743-6906
  Secretary: Rebecca Lee 743-6906
Early Childhood    
  Christin Breitbach 743-6968
  Carin Anderson 743-6963
  Jessica Balsamo 743-6966
  Mary Richards 743-6965
1st Grade    
  Nikki Amundson 743-6974
  Jaclin Gosnell 743-6975
  Jessica Hassinger 743-6973
2nd Grade    
  Sheila Gorman 743-6976
  Pam Klementz 743-6979
  Jennifer Wagner 743-6977
3rd Grade    
  Colleen Feld 743-6978
  Ashley Jacobson 743-6981
  Megan King 743-6983
4th Grade    
  TBD 743-6957
  Christina Schraedley 743-6956
  Meghan Valentine 743-6955
5th Grade    
  Tami Burke 743-6959
  Heather Couey 743-6961
  Michelle Kasmiske 743-6960
  Katie Kray- Wenzlaff 743-6953
  Ilse Peters 743-6953
Academic Learning Coach    
  Dennis Condon 743-6988
  Lynn Hopfauf 743-6969
  Maryanne Messier 743-6969
  Tina Chesmore 743-6987
  Christine Winchell 743-6987
  Trish Nicks 743-6958
  Kerry Punzel 743-6958
  Peggy Synove - Head Custodian 743-6958
Innovation Specialist    
  Sean Gremminger 743-6935
  Adrian Farris 743-6967
  Tom May - Band 743-6952
  Lori Meyer 743-6952
  Kristi Coy 295-3419
  Rebecca Burke 743-6900
  Karla Coakley 743-6900
  Ann DeWilde 743-6900
  Betsy Gorman 743-6900
  Michelle Johnson 743-6900
  Nichole Kunkel 743-6900
  Julie Lindgren 743-6900
  Elizabeth Minor 743-6900
  Tonya Morgan 743-6900
  Jolene Nehrbass 743-6900
  Debran Topel 743-6900
  Michelle Zaz 743-6900
Physical Education     
  Lisa Haberli 743-6951
  Scott Lee 743-6951
  Scott Sarauer 743-6972
  Beth Brandner 743-6982
Special Education    
  Mary Hummer 743-6954
  Kiara Nelson 743-6971
Speech & Language    
  Suzanne Hamilton 743-6970
Student Service Specialist    
  Ashley McDonough 743-6928
  Tarah Thompson 290-5022
  Michelle Hecimovich - PT 359-3836
  Debrah Krausse 743-6972
Youth Advocate    
  Sharon Coogan 921-1780


 Absences / Homework Information   


State Statute 118.15 ( requires that all children of school age be in school during all days and hours that school is in session.  Students who must be out of school due to reasons of health or family emergency must return to school with a statement from parents, guardians, or physician to the attendance office.  Parents or guardians are expected to call the attendance office if their child is going to be out of school.  Students who skip a class or a school day or who exceed the 10 day/80 hours of parentally excused days are subject to disciplinary action.  Every time a student reaches the equivalent of 5 unexcused absences (40 hours), a referral to the school resource officer will be made and a truancy ticket (fine) will be issued.  Attendance records transfer with the student to any School District of Janesville middle school.

When a student is absent, it is important that the parent call as early as possible (office opens at 7:30 A.M.)  to report the absence. If a parent forgets to call, the school attendance clerk will make a telephone call to follow-up on the absence.

  • The Board of Education policy states that parents must contact the school office when their child is absent. 
  • Please give the following information: student’s name, homeroom teacher’s name, reason for absence and if you are requesting homework be gathered.
  • Homework requested is not guaranteed to be ready until 3:15pm
  • In addition, parents may provide a written excuse for each absence when the child returns to school.
  • After 10 unexcused absences, a student is considered Habitually Truant and a parent / guardian will be required to meet with the school principal and/or social worker to discuss the situation.

 When a student is to be excused before the end of the school day for any reason(example: doctor or dentist appointment), a note from the parent must be written to the child's teacher. The office will then issue a yellow passport slip, which must be signed by the doctor or dentist and returned to the school office when the child returns. A parent or the adult who picks up the child MUST come into the school office -NOT the classroom or entryways, and sign the child out of the building before the child can be released during the school day. A passport DOES NOT take the place of a written note from parents regarding illness or other absences. Students may not leave the school grounds at noon time or recess without written permission from their parents on file in the office for that specific day. 

After a child has been sick absent from school for two consecutive days our teachers will arrange for homework upon parent request. Parents may call your child's teacher and leave a message or send a written request. Homework can be requested by 10 am of the second day - to be picked up at 3:00 pm of the second day.  In some instances a teacher may choose to contact the parents concerning work the student needs to do at home.


Community Connections &  Family Resource Center 


The Monroe Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an organization developed to support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the school, in the community, before governmental bodies, and other organizations that make decisions affecting children.  It is also here to assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children.  Lastly, PTA is here to encourage parent and public involvement in our public schools. 

Officers: Officers are elected in the spring of the year and serve a one-year term.

President Ben Dobson 608-289-5079
President Stacey Haldemann 608-359-9633
Vice President Sara Schilling 715-252-9904
Secretary Rebecca Burke 608-449-4582
Treasurer Angelica Baker 262-716-5399

PTA Membership Sign 

Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center encourages parent-school partnerships and helps strengthen parent-child interactions. Family Resource Centers promote choice, responsibility and independence.

The Family Resource Center is a special place within the school where all parents can stop by, relax, browse, meet other parents, and check out family games, videos, toys, books, community information, and parenting information. Students may also check out items during the school day. We have something for every family to enjoy!

Family Resource Center Guidelines:

  • Help find a safe place at home to store and play with checked-out materials
  • Depending on the child's age, play/work with him or her so they know how to use these items.
  • Due Date: All materials may be kept for 1 week
  • Please return materials promptly to the FRC
  • Check-out Limit: 1 game &/or 3 books per child
  • If books or pieces of a game or toy are lost or broken. please list what is missing on a piece or paper and put it inside the bag or box.

Throughout the district, parenting workshops and family nights are offered. Watch your school newsletter for these events.



Emergency Drills/Evacuation Location

Fire drills are held at least once a month. We are able to evacuate the building in less than 2 minutes during these drills. Disaster drills (tornado) are held in the fall and spring and classes are assigned a safe place in the basement of the school. “Lockdown” drills are also scheduled twice during the year.



PLEASE, PLEASE mark your children’s clothing, boots, lunch boxes, etc., with tape or a marker. If they lose any article, please have them check the LOST AND FOUND lockers near the office. The amount of unclaimed lost clothing during the year is tremendous, and we are unable to return many of these articles because of no name. If glasses are lost, please check in the office.


Medications at School / Student Illness/Injury/Emergency Care


All medication prescribed by a physician that is to be given at school, requires a permission form giving instructions, dosage, etc., signed by both physician and parent. This form is kept in the office along with the medication.

If a child becomes ill during the school day, the parent will be contacted. If the parent cannot be reached, the emergency contact number will be called about picking up the
child. If no one can be reached by phone, the child will remain at school until dismissal time. It is important that you notify the school of any phone number changes.

A. If your child has a minor accident, the following action will be taken:

  • First Aid will be administered according to school approved procedures
  • Your child will be returned to class if he/she is all right

B. If your child is unable to return to class because of illness or minor injury, the following steps will be taken:

  • You will be contacted, and when arrangements have been made with youm your child be be allowed to leave the school premises.
  • If you are not available, the emergency contact number recorded on the student information card will be called. 
  • Once contacted, you or the emergency contact will have the responsibility for providing transportation for your child to leave school in a timely manner.
  • If we are unable to reach you or the emergency contact, your child will be kept at school and continued attempts will be made to reach you or the emergency contact.

C. If your child is in need of immediate medical attention, the following steps will be taken:

  • First aid will be rendered immediately according to District approved procedures.
  • Transportation to a medical facility will by arranged for your child
  • You will be called. If you cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called.
  • When necessary, if you or your designated emergency contact cannot be reached, your child will be taken to a local emergency room.

D. If your child receives a head injury during the school day, the following steps will be taken:

  • First aid will be rendered immediately according to District approved procedures.
  • A letter will be sent home with your child to inform you of the head bump/ injury and a call home will be placed to inform you of the head bump/injury.
  • If your child is unable to return to class because of the head bump/injury or if school personnel feel that the head bump/ injury is serious, you will be contacted.

E. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) device is available when the need arises.  An AED is a device that delivers an electric shock to the heart. For a person who has just experienced a sudden cardiac arrest, the electrical shock from an AED may help save the person's life. Persons on the Emergency Response Team in each school have received CPR and AED training through the American Red cross. THese responders will bring the AED to emergency calls in the building.

We need your cooperation in putting this plan in effect for each child. Please insure that the emergency contact information on your child's Student Information Card and emergency contact information on Infinite Campus is accurate. Failure to provide the school with emergency contact information or with any other necessary up-to-date information will give the school district authority to provide emergency care as needed according to school approved procedures.

Emergency Procedures

Fire drills are held once a month.  We are able to evacuate the building in less than 2 minutes during these drills. Disaster drills (tornado) and lockdown drills are held in the fall and spring. Students are assigned a place in the building with their classmates and are taught how to assume a safe position in the event of such an emergency. Lockdowns are practiced twice a year with the staff and students. In a  case of a lockdown, students will be kept at school and released when the "all clear" has been given by the municipal authorities.

Campus Messenger will service as our primary means of notification to let parents know when students will be released. 


Visitors / Volunteers (including lunch and classroom visits)


The experience of watching your child interact with others in a learning environment is something we encourage. We also know that when parents visit the classroom they give a child a feeling of cooperation between parents and teachers.  Parents are requested to contact the building principal in advance to seek approval to schedule a classroom visit.  All visitors must sign i with the school office and were a visible visitor's Badge during their stay.

For safety reasons, visitors who are participating in classroom activities or chaperones on field trips, etc. must complete a volunteer form for approval. Approval is good for the current school year, with a background check each following year.  Approved visitors must stop into the office to sign in and receive a visitor's badge.   

The final decision to accept or deny a visitor to the school, a classroom or on a field trip rests with the designated building or district administrator. 

Parents wishing to have lunch with their children must sign in with the school office and wear a visible visitor's badge during their stay, proceed directly to the lunch area, and sign out in the office after the lunch period.

Student visitors are allowed only with prior district approval, and teacher and principal permission.

For additional information on visiting or volunteering at your child's school, please refer to Board Policy 1230 and Administrative Regulation 1230.1 - Volunteers in Schools; Board Policy 1240 and Administrative Regulation 1241.1 - Visitors to Schools; and Board Policy 1241 and Administrative Regulation 1241.1 Registered Sex Offenders. The school District of Janesville recognizes its responsibility for the health and safety of all students and will take appropriate precautionary measures in situations where the DIstrict has been notified that a registered sex offender wishes to visit a school building or persons on school premises. 

For a volunteer/visitor form please visit our Community Page 

Field Trip Chaperone Guidelines

Thank you so much for volunteering to chaperone for Wilson Elementary School field trip. Please read and follow the guidelines below to help ensure a safe and successful experience.

  • If you find out that you cannot be a chaperone, please contact the teacher immediately so other arrangements can be made.
  • Stay alert to the whereabouts / activities of your group.  "Count heads" FREQUENTLY.
  • Avoid being distracted by conversations with other adults
  • Remember that you are setting an example for the children, so please be respectful to the visited area and enforce school rules
  • Follow the directions of the teacher in charge
  • Refrain from drinking, smoking, bringing weapons or using profane language during the field trip. 
  • Verbally correct students in a calm manner who are not following the rules (Please walk,. Please do not talk during the performance, etc.) If the behavior continues, advise the classroom teacher of the problem.
  • Follow the bs rules
  • Wear appropriate attire. Be sure all slogans on clothing and hats are suitable for the elementary school environment.  (NO adds for liquor, smoking materials or inappropriate language.)
  • Smoking at a school activity is prohibited by law
  • For safety reasons and due to liability concerns, no siblings or other children will be allowed to accompany a chaperone.
  • Supervise public bathrooms very carefully
  • Because this is a school sponsored trip, all students must stay with their assigned group and chaperone.
  • If possible please bring a cell phone with you for emergencies. Please provide that number to your child's teacher prior to the trip.


Please see the District Handbooks for more information